Hardwired daylight harvesting LED control

DH-22: Daylight Harvesting + Task Tuning Control

  • A straight forward solution to daylight harvesting. 

  • Hook it up to a BMS or have it stand on its own.

  • Min/Max settings allow you to control the light levels right at the control.

  • Maximize energy savings and occupant comfort with one-time adjustments.

  • Hardwired - so no RFI and no gateway for security breaches.

  • Eligible for rebates and incentives (call for details and specs).

What is daylight harvesting?

Daylight harvesting utilizes the natural daylight in a space to lower the energy consumption of light fixtures in the space.

Daylighting controls sense the daylight in an area and dim the lights accordingly.

This can reduce the energy consumption in the space by up to 20%.  

What is task tuning?

Most LED installers will over-do the amount of light in a space due to the fact that the LEDs will degrade over time, and they want to stay above code light levels in the 5 year warranty period. This leads to occupant complaints, a facility using more energy than necessary, and headaches for everyone involved. The DH-22 helps avoid all of these scenarios.

The DH-22 control gives you the control to easily set your light levels. This has a three-fold benefits:

  1. No more occupant complaints. Lights are too bright in an executives office? Tune them down in 3 seconds with a ladder.
  2. Reduce energy consumption. 30 watt fixtures were specified on the job but you really only need 15 watts in most areas? Pre-set the control at 50% and watch the savings pile up.
  3. Increase the life of fixtures by more than double. If a fixture is rated for 50,000 hours at 30 watts, and is operating at 15 watts that increases its lifespan by more than double! See chart below 

Interested in finding out more?

For samples and orders of <10, please visit our store. Reach out to us if you have any questions about using the DH-22 control in upcoming projects. Here is additional literature.