Floodfree pump control and alarm Flood free three probe pump control and alarm

FLOODFREE II Pump Control + Alarm

FLOODFREE II has fixed on/off probes for turning the pump on & off.

Unlike traditional floats and continuity sensors, our patented EST sensing is not affected by pump movement, thin water films, oil, grease, soaps, turbulence, foaming, scaling, or dry rot–making it extremely reliable in all environments. The stainless probe provides clear on/off points which can be shortened or extended and fits into narrow spaces where other sensors cannot work.

Our patent pending Z-snap technology for the pump 30 amp relay provides one million operations. Z-Snap closes the relay contacts at zero volts on the same positive cycle each start, and opens the contacts at near zero current. This results in preventing pump starts at peak voltage or temporary reverse cycle starts, thus providing stronger and smoother starts and extending the life of the bearings, capacitors, seals, and motor.

The alarm warns you before local flooding occurs with an 80 db audible alarm, or it can even be hooked up to a dialer or security system for remote warning. The control is rated at 120 volts and 15amps, and is CSA approved to UL 508.

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Floodfree electric sump pump and alarm flood free pump control

FLOODFREE Electric Sump Pump + Alarm

FLOODFREE I is a control that uses timing to turn off your pump.

FLOODFREE was designed because of the unreliability of some sump pump floats or diaphragm switches. The number one cause of basement flooding is due to float control failure. When floats get stuck, float switches fail, or rubber gets stiff and dry rotted, these problems can inhibit operation. FLOODFREE can replace your existing float, so there’s no need to change out the pump. The pumps rarely go bad, so all you need to do is remove the float or tie the float in the “on” position.

FLOODFREE Lets you determine high and low water levels; you choose the amount of water to let into the sump (high water level) as well as the amount of water you let out (low level). Our product is not affected by pump movement, water turbulence or foreign materials that inhibit float control operation.

FLOODFREE is rated at 100 – 130 vac 15 amps with a 1 million cycle rating compared to float or diaphram switches with only 10,000 operating cycles rated at 10 amps, and has an 80-decibel alarm to sound in emergencies with a battery backup if power is lost, unlike float control pumps which don’t have any alarm at all. Our innovative design prevents sensor wires from sitting in the water, which commonly malfunction after becoming corroded by calcium or other debris.


  • Easy to install–no tools required
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Features water sensors that fit in the narrowest of spaces and fully operate in shallow pits–unlike traditional

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