FloodFree Pump Control & Alarm


Avoid Frustrating Common Problems

The FloodFree control addresses common problems associated with pump failures: floats getting stuck, dry rot and contacts short life cycle.

Floodfree sump pump control

Notifies You Before a Flood, Not After

The alarm warns you before flooding occurs locally with an 80 db audible alarm. It can also be connected to a home security or management system.

Sump pump control, f

Extend Your Pump's Life

The patented Z-Snap technology for the pump

relay allows for one million cycles. This prevents pump starts at peak voltage, providing smoother starts and extending the life of pumps components such as the bearing, capacitors, seals, and motor.


Patented Electronic Surface Transfer (EST) Sensing

EST water sensing is not affected by pump movement, thin water films, oil, grease, soaps, turbulence, foaming, or flow rates, making it extremely reliable in all environments. The stainless steel probe provides clear on/off points that can be shortened or extended. The probe can fit into narrow spaces where other sensor cannot work.  

Specs and Instructions



The Floodfree control uses patented electronic surface transfer (EST) to detect the presence of water. The EST sensor ignores resistive residues like rust, salts, and soap suds waiting for the true water level to reach the high rod of the probe. Once the water contacts the high rod one half second later the relay closes using Z-Snap patented technology. Z-Snap technology snaps the relay closed at zero volts and opens the relay at zero current. Making pump start-ups smoother, extending the pump and relay contact life.

Once the pump is running the water level drops below the high rod and the pump runs as long as necessary to remove the water until the level drops below the low rod at which time the pump turns off. If the water stays in contact with the high rod for more then 15 seconds the 85db alarm sounds and external alarm output closes. 


  1. Plug the control into a 115 volt outlet located in a dry area, the control is not water proof any water falling on to the unit will cause it to fail. 
  2. Plug the pump into the control. 
  3. Run the sensor probe into the sump and fasten to the discharge pipe to the level you want the pump to turn on. You must note the positions of the low off rod that it is position above the top of the pump inlet. 
  4. The installation is complete. 

External Alarm Switch

The external alarm output allows you to connect a remote dialer, emailer, burglar alarm system, or other low voltage device to notify of a high water level condition. Internally the terminal block connects to a solid state electronic switch that is rated at 30VAC or 50VDC at 100 milliamps. It is normally open and Operation Instructions External Alarm Switch closes whenever the alarm sounds connecting the terminal block pins together. The polarity marks printed on the enclosure are for reference only. 


  • Voltage: 100-130VAC
  • Current: 15 Amps
  • Locked Rotor: 45 Amps
  • Alarm: 85db
  • Alarm Output: 30VAC, 50VDC,100 milliamps max
  • Sensing Wire: 10 feet


One year from the date of purchase MIC will repair or replace any units found upon examination to be defective. This warranty does not cover units that have been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, neglect, improper installation, or exceeding the units rating.