MIC Lighting LED Solutions

Setting the Standard

Contracting on four fronts

MIC Lighting works on four different fronts: subcontracting for ESCOs and energy companies, working directly with electrical contractors, doing custom work for architects/AEs, and turn-key installations for building owners.

With subcontracting, we bring our lighting expertise to their energy project and handle the installation from beginning to end. We source the product, handle rebates and manage the installation. We also utilize our own controls, allowing the customer to set light levels to their desired amount and save energy along the way.

We also work with electrical contracting outfits as a supplier for lights and controls. With the changing landscape in the lighting industry, it is hard to determine quality product from the junk, and can be costly if you get it wrong. We take that risk away with our products and offer assistance on savings calculations and general lighting consulting.  

For architects and AEs, we have in-house engineering and design that can make customer fixtures and lighting features for spaces. We also manufacture our own lights, so we act as both a supply house and manufacturer in that respect. It cuts out the middle man.

And finally, our turn-key installs are for building owners looking to maximize the energy savings in their building and invest in an asset that will give them guaranteed returns. When "environmentally friendly" also saves you potentially tens of thousand of dollars a year, it's not a hard thing to get behind. Check out the sidebar to schedule a survey today!

Lighting Survey

If you are a building owner that is interested in lowering your monthly energy bill and improving the light quality in your building, the first step is a lighting survey. We come in, count the lights, take light levels, and ultimately determine what your savings will be.