On our move to rentals...

We are moving to a rental model for PREVAC systems. The rental program is intended to make it an easy, low barrier decision for building owners and service personnel to be code compliant. We want a PREVAC system to make sense for any age low pressure chiller. If you plan to use the PREVAC for one year or twenty, it will still make sense to have the system.

We run into a lot of customers that are hesitant to commit to a PREVAC system because they plan on getting rid of their chiller in the next 3 years and didn't want to commit to the cost of a system. With this new program, the customer can have code compliance and equipment protection without committing to anything in the long term with year-to-year rentals.

For customers planning on having the system for 20 years, we feel extremely confident that the system adds enough value and peace of mind over that period of time that the yearly payment will seem like nothing compared to what the customer gets back. Plus, with all parts guaranteed while you have the system, the cost of ownership is even less than the yearly payment. 

I am sincerely asking you, if the $900/year payment is not worth it to you, please let me know the reason.

Pete Manning

President & Founder, Mechanical Ingenuity Corporation